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The history of the club


Founded in 1900 as the Lincolnshire Automobile Club it is the oldest motor club in the country with the Classic Section formed in 1990. Whilst proud of past achievements, the Club’s members are always open to new ideas for classic vehicle events and activities.

Very few motor cars were on the roads of England in the late 1800s. By 1900 a group of enthusiastic and dedicated Lincolnshire pioneer motorists started to meet to share their common interest in owning these ‘new-fangled’ machines. Unlike today, car owners were few and far between, and these were mainly people who were well-off having previously owned horses and carriages. Many early motorists were people in high office such as Lords, major landowners, doctors, other professionals and industrialists.

In the early 1900s founding members gathered on goodwill visits at various stately homes throughout the county. With motor cars being somewhat of a novelty their appearance became an attraction for the crowds when they attended Agricultural shows. As time passed the club members organised their own events such as hill climbs where motorists were competing for the fastest time on the day. Tours of the County and rallies were also popular events.


By the start of the First World War in 1914, membership numbers had reached over 400 but many members lost their lives during active service.  When the war ended in 1918 there was renewed interest as more people owned cars for the first time. Membership increased until 1939.


Sadly, the Second World War claimed the lives of several members. Some not on active service in the forces were carrying out valuable war work producing armaments etc or driving ambulances, fire engines and other emergency vehicles.  It was in their spare time that these members were able to keep the club ‘ticking over’. Petrol rationing greatly restricted  activities too.


From the late 1940s onwards more, motorists joined the club and took part in road rallies and off road events. In 1972 the Louth Motor Club amalgamated with the Lincolnshire Automobile Club to form the present Lincolnshire Louth Motor Club Limited.




During the 1970s and 80s, as well as road runs for pleasure, many competitive road rallies took place, including The Tour of Lincs. In this period cars were increasingly being developed in design and performance and became identified as ‘Rally Cars’.


Several LLMC members who owned vintage or classic cars wished to continue road runs for pleasure, and to display their cars in shows. In 1990, John Wilkinson the Club’s Chairman had the idea of starting a Classic Section within the club. By the end of that year the Classic Section had 33 members. Throughout Great Britain and indeed the world, the ownership of Classic Cars has increased enormously in this the 21st century.  Within Britain’s oldest motor club, the popular classic section has now had it's 30th anniversary. It continues actively promoting and organising shows and has a traditional close connection with other organisations where Classic Car Displays form an important part of major events. In addition there are well established links with smaller organisations, many of which raise funds for important charitable purposes.  These friendly local shows are ideal and each year we are invited to new locations.


During the winter period there are numerous opportunities for members to meet socially with friends who share their interest in Classic cars. Occasionally film shows, talks and informal lunches are arranged. New members also bring new ideas.


We always welcome your recollections or old photographs of the club.

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